How to Make Flats in Hyderabad Eco-friendly?

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We were born somewhere between zero and least carbon emissions era. Now, we have been living in an excessive carbon emissions environment that is harmful to us.

So, it has become the need of the hour to take initiatives immediately for a sustainable future.

Besides, the increased carbon footprint and health consciousness are making today’s generation to opt for eco-friendly homes. With the increased demand for green living, many flats in hyderbad come eco-friendly.

Harmony with the green environment gives a chill to lives and leads to healthy living as well.

A logistic approach to shrink carbon footprint is to

  • Minimize energy consumption
  • Improve water conservation
  • Recycle waste

Want to make your home eco-friendly as well?. Here is the guide.

Read on to know the areas in which you can make your home eco-friendly and reduce energy consumption on the go.

Without further ado, I am diving directly to the tips. Assure you, these tips are insanely easy to follow!.

Invest more in energy-saving models!

  • Eco-friendly Home appliances

Using green household appliances such as LED bulbs, epoxy garage floor, solar heaters, refrigerators, clothes washers/eco-washers/drip drying, Air conditioning and heating equipment, rechargeable batteries, etc. will save a lot of energy.

  • Smart Kitchen:

Use a Pressure cooker, toaster ovens, conventional drip coffee maker, electric and gas cooktops, ranges, tea strainer, refillable water bottle, etc. that saves energy.

Many new apartments for sale in Hyderabad come with spacious kitchens. You can decorate the space with many eco-friendly things like container gardening.

Use cotton/plant/beeswax wraps instead of aluminum foil or plastic wrap for your food. Avoid straws as well as plastic harms the environment.

It is healthy to cook meals at your home instead of buying it from restaurants. Because it brings plastic to your home and many people don’t eat it all that they brought resulting food wastage.

  • Plant your own compost bin

Making a compost bin in your backyard helps in reducing methane emissions. You can compost all your food waste and other wastage.

  • Insulation

Proper insulation makes all your rooms at a steady temperature. You no longer need to reheat the home all the time. You can insulate in many places of your home (within the walls, in the roof, attic, windows, and doors). 

There are various types of insulation such as fiberglass or blown insulation, fire or moisture barriers. Use double gazing/paned windows, insulated doors, heating ducts, etc. to your flats and insulate the floor with area rugs to avoid air go out through cracks in the floor.

Thus you can minimize the number in the heating bills and conserve energy.

  • Container gardening

Indoor air often contains toxic substances such as benzene. The soil in potted plants cleans the indoor air (air purification). Container gardening makes the home look beautiful, provides oxygen, and purifies indoor air. 

Plant vegetable trees and other produce in the backyard place so that you can eat healthy food. Indirectly, it eliminates the need for transportation of food/goods and minimizes emissions from vehicles.

Get your produce from your own plants!

If you are living in a spacious flats in hyderbad, you can also plant many trees as you have space. Trees help stabilize the soil and provide shade to future generations. Your flats for sale in hyderabad will be cool in the hot summer.

  • Green cleaning products

Make your own cleaning products to clean the floor and everything in the house with natural ingredients such as baking soda and vinegar and also use green laundry detergents to avoid chemicals.

  • Conduct an energy audit regularly!.

Once in a month, conduct an energy audit for your entire home by yourself or take any professional’s help to do so. It helps in understanding the energy usage so that you can take measures if you are using energy excessively.

  • Going digital saves a lot!.

Avoid paper bills and pay all the bills online. It saves your travel expenses and time and the trees as well.

  • Make a difference by adding solar to the home!.

Integrate solar panels for the best utilization of renewable energy sources and minimize/avoid electricity bills. Also include solar cookers, solar ovens, and other solar systems in your home to become more eco-friendly. Use solar ovens instead of burning wood or charcoal. It helps in reducing deforestation and pollution in the environment. It seems expensive but helpful in the long-term.

  • Water conservation

Many flats in hyderbad have water conservation methods like greywater recycling systems integrated within the flats or apartments. If you didn’t have one, you can integrate one.

  • Say bye to all the plastic!

Use reusable cotton bags instead of single-use plastic bags. In everything, use eco-friendly and non-plastic products. Instead, buy recycled products.

Some additional tips:

  • Limit the usage of electricity. Switch off the lights and fans when you are not using them or when you are going out. And unplug all the unusable sockets.
  • Use LED bulbs instead of conventional CFL bulbs that consume more energy.
  • Use ceiling fans instead of AC.
  • Buy energy-efficient model gadgets and construction materials.
  • Invest more in insulation your entire home.
  • Recycle the old materials, furniture, etc. instead of throwing them out
  • Reduce utility bills with smart appliances like smart meters, smart grids, solar systems, etc.
  • Walk to the shops or use cycles. It helps in protecting the environment from pollution.
  • Use cold water instead of hot water while washing clothes.
  • Use Low-flow shower head in bathrooms for saving water.
  • Use eco-friendly health care products.


Many developers and realtors are embracing green initiatives to the flats in hyderbad to get a 5-star eco-friendly rating. Ask developers to build eco-friendly homes in the design phase itself instead of making it eco-friendly later. Because it costs time, money, and energy.

Let us go green and have a healthier and sustainable decade!

Let us change ourselves first.

What do you think?

Can we get zero carbon if we go eco-friendly by making our homes?

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