Best decoration approach of your homes with indoor plants!

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You must have experienced the Indoor Plants Home Decor idea when the flats in Hyderabad or luxury homes are built up in the city areas. An internally decorated house can look earthy, beautiful and will be a mood changer. Indoor plants are also a chic option to decorate the different rooms in the house. The people, who own flats in Hyderabad, could get the indoor plants to add some greenery display in their life. All the decorative plants are not considered as the Indoor plants as the eligible indoor plants could stay alive or grow on minimal, or absent sunlight. These plants need to grow slowly to reduce your maintenance expenses and can be a proper answer to several home decor ideas. Do you want to make the look of a room livelier? Want to fill a discomfited space in the room? Answer to all questions is procured one or multiple indoor plants.

Why commercial sectors need indoor plants?

Apart from residential Indoor Plants Home Decor need, commercial sectors also incorporate indoor plants for fresh air and curing of unexpected allergies; annoyance of the eyes, throat, nose, headache, fatigue, dizziness, respiratory issues, sinus issues; and nervous system chaos.

All the above health issues are created because of indoor air pollution in offices and manufacturing units. Since, Indoor air pollution occurs because of toxic emissions from synthetic building components and paint, airborne mold, pollutants, viruses, along with energy-saving construction, such as air preventing spaces, which decreases air circulation. Also, many toxic gases will be emitted like benzene, xylene, trichloroethylene, formaldehyde, and toluene.

Top Indoor Plant Home Decor Ideas

The following are some best ideas for indoor plantation need.

1. Think a tropical theme

A tropical theme is when the home’s living room or reception of an office is completely decorated with indoor plants. The best thing is that there are no particular rules on the way of decoration of a living room or reception under this theme. As per your imagination and mind’s eye or any seen examples, you can decorate your home. On the other hand, ensure that you have placed bigger size plants in the right corners of the room and the small ones on the specific tables arranged in the room to void any accidental or movement disturbance.

2. Choose the climbers type

You may choose climbers for the art-like view, but they provide a stylish look to the room. Also, climbers can be planted to grow in the 360-degree direction as per available space or your requirement. Using a vintage step ladder in any place like corner of the room or near a window and covering with the climber could be a better idea. During outstation visits or holidays in the office, you need to arrange a regular watering service.

3. Kinds of Pots

Among all kinds of pots, Earthenware pots are the most recommended pots which come in different sizes and shapes. Generally, smaller size pots hold smaller plants and can be hung in the room or placed on the table. This obviously magnifies the natural surroundings of the rooms. The medium or large size pots can hold larger plants which can be positioned in the corner space of the rooms.

4. Style of positioning

The appropriate positioning of indoor plants depends upon their sizes and shapes and you can cover the additional free space in the living room by positioning the large plants nearby the sofa. Using pebbles in the base container of the same plants could be a good idea. Also, you can position the smaller size plants on shelves, tables and the window to get enough sunlight and grow well.

5. Start Using Branches

Your Indoor Plants Home Decor plan could be profitable when you start using branches for further new plants. Just take out a branch or a shoot from an existing plant and place it in a transparent glass pot pouring appropriate water and give a mini-tree decor to your room.

6. Choose the right types of indoor plants

The selection of indoor plants depends upon the types of flats or luxury homes you are living in. If you wish to decorate your luxury homes with ideal indoor plants, then you are in the right place. Especially, for the flats in Hyderabad following indoor plants are recommended.

  • Money Plant

The money plant is considered as the indoor plants for both the home and commercial sectors. It grows both in soil and water easily. As per Feng Shui’s statement, a money plant increases the air quality in the home, brings affluence and sets a pleasant atmosphere.

  • Lucky Bamboo Plant

As the name refers, this small bamboo plant grows in water only and seems to be lucky for the businesses and family members.

  • Snake Plant

This plant purifies the air inside the home and office and can survive well on minimal light and captures the toxins from the air. No much maintenance is required.

Dracaena Reflexa (song of India), Grape IVY and Fern are also other indoor plants that keep your home environment greenery, yellowish, and cozy feeling. Hope, you must have a better Indoor Plants Home Decor idea now for your luxury homes. If you’re buying a flat in Hyderabad, definitely these home decoration ideas will help you.