Luxury Apartment Amenities – A Comprehensive Checklist

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Amenities in luxury apartments are elements of convenience and luxury that you would find in one. If a set of luxury apartments has more amenities, there are more chances that the building would attract more prospective tenants or buyers. Common luxury amenities that people look out for are a business center, community room, swimming pool, kids’ play area, playground, jogging track, terrace gardens, etc. We have attempted to draw out a luxury apartment amenities checklist that could help you out as a seeker of luxury apartments.

Luxury Apartment Amenities Checklist in Hyderabad

In today’s times, more people are choosing to rent or buy a luxury apartment for the sheer conveniences they offer. With jobs that pay out handsome checks every month, this is more possible than ever before. Such buyers/renters are shaping the market for luxury apartment promoters who are including more amenities for high-end buyers. Listed below are a few amenities that you can check out when buying or renting luxury flats in Hyderabad.

Luxury Apartment Amenities Checklist

1: Impressive Entrance

Buyers want lobbies that will make that great first impression. Polished concrete/marble floors, artwork of high class, chandeliers, bronze-coloured walls, and oversized seating are only some of them.

2: Incredible common spaces

  • Workspaces that are enclosed
  • Concierge services
  • Bright laundry rooms
  • Well-equipped playrooms/gymnasiums
  • Well-stocked libraries
  • Bicycle repair stations

These are only some common amenities that seekers of luxury apartments expect.

3: Green spaces

Many luxury apartments now come with houses topped with grass-roofs or other foliage. Such roofs provide good insulation. Some luxury apartments in Banjara Hills in Hyderabad take this to the next level. They even offer personal rooftop farms so that the residents can grow their vegetables.

4: Gymnasiums and their next level

Gymnasiums in luxury apartments are moving on to the next level. Gyms with equipment like a treadmill and a twister are passé. Gyms now have sports simulators that let you work out like players of different games such as basketball, soccer or golf.

Some gyms offer botox treatments and others that offer the facility of an infrared sauna. You just have to hunt, choose, and then buy/rent.

5: All for pets

Some luxury apartments in Hyderabad are more welcoming to pets now. These apartments offer a wide range of amenities that would keep you and your dog happy: dog spas, rooftop dog runs, and dog parks among others.

6: Panoramic balconies

Another important item in the luxury apartment amenities checklist is the layout of its balconies. Many luxury apartments allow their residents to wake up in the morning soaking up the sunlight. The balconies are designed to provide a near-180 degree view of the skies and the skyline. The residents can have unobstructed views of the sunrise or the sunset, the green landscape, the skyline and neighbourhoods.

7: Green Building Features

A majority of luxury apartments today are equipped with green building features such as wastewater/effluent treatment plants, waste treatment plants, solar energy devices’ installations, etc. most of these installations are directed toward energy efficiency and lessening pollution. These add a lot to the air and water quality around the complex and allows for a more tranquil life.

8: Close to Workplaces

Many luxury apartments are located close to IT and other employment hubs. This enables residents to even walk to work or take a bicycle. This is a coveted luxury that many people seek today.


Owning the luxury apartment with the amenities that you want is a great feeling. The above checklist is not an exhaustive one. Ensure that you look out for the one that you want by ticking off items in your luxury apartment amenities checklist.