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Not so long ago, people hesitate to buy flats or apartments in Hyderabad nearer to road transport because of bustling traffic and chaos. On the other side, it is an arduous task for home seekers to get home, and for realtors and brokers to get clients in this metropolitan city. However, with the arrival of the Metro project to the city, the whole scenario has changed and there is a surge for luxury flats in Hyderabad.

Metro impacts property purchase a lot. Read on to know more.

The relation between Metro & Real Estate:

Metro connectivity has reshaped the real estate industry’s image and here are the reasons how it impacted the buying decision of home aspirants.

  • Metro plays a major role in real estate apartment sales. There is a steep increase in the price of flats nearer the metro stations.
  • The distance between the metro station and buildings has become the selling point because of the ease of commute provided by the metro. So, the price of properties is proportional to the proximity to metro stations.
  • Investors or buyers will be benefited from the properties that are proximity to metro connectivity because of the reduced travel time, lower commuting costs, and higher convenience along with other facilities such as shopping malls, education institutions, hospitals, and IT corridors.
  • The value of the properties depends on the value of the capital value of localities.
  • It is better for NRI home seekers to invest money in the properties and build apartments as there is a higher future appreciation for properties.
  • Moreover, new more stations are in the pipeline to be built, the realtors have raised the price of properties. It boosts residential launches.
  • The apartments for sale in Hyderabad have improved the standard of living as well with its state-of-the-art construction and all the latest facilities.
  • Realtors can reap good ROI on the areas nearer the metro stations.

Which localities in Hyderabad would benefit the most?

It is quite natural that the buyers will incline towards the location proximity to metro connectivity such as apartments for sale in Banjara Hills, Attapur, and other central locations in Hyderabad.

However, it’s mandatory to check all the necessary legal documents than regretting later. Recent tax receipts, property’s title deed, approved project plan, a notice of commencement, and encumbrance certificate. And see whether the flats are proximity to all the facilities that cater to all necessities, parking options, municipal clearance and mechanism, garbage disposal outlets, etc. If you need assistance, we Dukes galaxy is here 24*7.


To sum up, luxury flats in Hyderabad come in a wide range of prices based on the aforementioned factors on locations lying in the vicinity to the metro stations. It is predicted that prices tend to rise in the coming days. If you want more details about the properties and the price ranges in different locations in Hyderabad or want an affordable and sophisticated 2/3/4BHK flats, hesitate not to consult us @ apartments for sale in banjara hills.