This is Why You Should Buy Flats In Hyderabad Right Now

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A Brief Snapshot:

Buying a Home is a Dream for many and due to pandemics, people are thinking twice to invest in an asset. Well this is why you should buy  flats in Hyderabad


Till 2014 Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata were four or the only metropolitan cities in India, but later for some good reasons Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Ahmedabad, and Pune have also the list transitioning the figure to eight metropolitan cities.

Some of the politicians made a statement that ‘because of the bifurcation of Telugu states, Hyderabad could see this development, yet conversely general public didn’t share the same opinion, they believed ‘Hyderabad is a potential city that can develop much more or ahead of the curve in the future, which can happen today or tomorrow, so unless an area or a person doesn’t possess the potentiality no dramatic incident can change its fate, thus Hyderabad could’ve developed with or without such incidents

‘I found that there was technology (in Hyderabad) even in the very early days, particularly around acoustics, and hydraulic drains. So there is this intersection in the history of technology… I think history repeats and I think history is repeating here.’

  • Tim Cook, Apple Inc. CEO

With Hyderabad being the top IT hub in India and the reputed global center of IT in the world, many giant companies of different domains recognized the potentiality of Hyderabad, and they found and established their offices in the city, and they started operating making Hyderabad as their base. So, Hyderabad welcomed people of different cultures from different countries generously, now Hyderabad comprises a unique demographic in-country, and the real estate companies in Hyderabad acted proactively in establishing ventures with flats in Hyderabad that satisfied the needs of every group of people.


Below are some of the reasons that apprise and make you understand that this is why you should buy flats in Hyderabad:

A) Safest City:

Commissioner of Police Mr. Anjani Kumar said, ‘A survey company from America said that Hyderabad is the safest city across the world, the installation of CC cameras in the city, is helping to identify the criminals’.

With the police and SHE team in the city, every woman is feeling safe. Thanks to the real estate companies, for their aggressive act of building the ventures in and around the city, with which everyone can find flats in Hyderabad, instantly it reduced the time taking process and km between their flat and the office it minimized the risk too.

B) Affable People:

People in Hyderabad are so affable that they don’t see language, culture, appearance as a barrier while communicating with other people. 

For example, when a Hindi speaking person asks the address to a Telugu speaking person, who is not proficient with the other language, he/she will struggle to guide them or ask their friend to help but they won’t avoid them saying bluntly on their face ‘I don’t know the language’, whereas in few states people are so strong-willed that they speak only in their mother tongue despite they know the other language.

C) Connectivity:

 Compared to other states Hyderabad has undoubtedly better connectivity between all parts of the city. With the Outer Ring Roads (ORR), people working with the companies in the city outskirts are also able to commute safely between their place and the city.

D) Traffic:

Traffic in Hyderabad is less compared to any city in the country, and with plants on road dividers, the government is showing considerable effort in eradicating the pollution caused by traffic. After starting the metro service, the traffic & pollution on the road minimized to some extent and IT professionals too started using this service rather than traveling in the car.

Some videos are circulating on YouTube, where the vloggers show the traffic in Kolkata, Mumbai, and other cities, by parking their vehicles on the road, walks for 10-15 mins to reach the destination which is just 2-3 km away, to avoid the 40 mins of traveling time in traffic whereas the traffic situations in Hyderabad are still in peoples’ favor. 

E) Affordable:

Residence, flats, and so on are affordable for both purchasing & rent in Hyderabad. Many flats in Hyderabad are built near the offices in areas like Madhapur, Kondapur, Gachibowli, Financial district, etc., with full amenities and specialties.

Few employees working in IT and other companies saw the business opportunity in it, hence they purchased a few flats in Hyderabad, and started giving them for rent or selling them when the land value increases.

F) Global Center Of IT:

As aforementioned many giant companies around the world started their office base in Hyderabad. Amazon built its largest campus in Hyderabad after Seattle, and the other companies are Apple, Google, Microsoft, Wipro, Infosys, Deloitte, Capgemini, Genpact, etc., With such many giant companies, startup companies in Hyderabad, employment opportunities will increase and every deserving individual will get employed. 

It is said that many other international companies are looking to invest in Hyderabad and the Telangana government is also helping the companies to establish their companies in the city.

Final Conclusion:

Real estate companies have succeeded by starting their ventures in premium areas, but seeing the developing infrastructure in Hyderabad daily, new premium areas are emerging in and around the city providing ample opportunities, As  we have clearly  explained the pros and I think this is why you should buy flats in Hyderabad